Ministry of Finance - Rehabilitation of Al Bossata Pumping Station

Rehabilitation of Al Bossata Pumping Station

The Al Bossata Pumping Station at the Blue Nile was formerly operated by Oil driven Motors.

In order to be more cost effective in the irrigation process, the decision was taken to extend the overhead landline and switch to electrical motors.

To avoid the construction works of an electrical building, EQ delivered a complete containerized substation.

The substation could be pre-fabricated, assembled and tested in Austria and brought in two pieces on site, where it was mounted and connected with a minimal effort in short time.

The containerized Substation consists of:

Medium- and Low-Voltage Switchgear


Rotor Starters

Cabinets for the Control- and Automation system

MV- and LV-cabling


Pumping Station, Power Distribution, Automation